Previlli™ transforms your health, from the gut on out

Feel the difference.

No More Bad Tummy Days

We know that for some people, gut health isn’t just theoretical. A bad tummy day equals a bad day, period — and you don’t have time to wait to feel better. Previlli™ is designed to quickly balance your digestive function, so you feel a difference within a week or two.* Take control of your digestion, and say goodbye to bad tummy days, with Previlli™.

Optimal gut health.

Benefits Beyond Gut Health

As you continue to take Previlli™, you’ll slowly build a healthy gut structure.* That’s when you may notice that it’s not just your gut that’s feeling better. You might find your energy is higher, your metabolism is snappier, and your immune resistance is stronger.* It’s not your imagination. Previlli™ supports a healthy gut structure, and the science is continuing to reveal that the health of your body is intimately tied to the health of your gut.*

How it Works

Previlli™ addresses 4 important structures and functions of the gut, promoting optimal gut health: 

Fortify barrier function within the gut

Previlli™ helps ensure the tight junctions of the intestinal membrane work as designed, so microbiota, toxins and food stay where they’re supposed to.* 

Supports the protective mucin intestinal barrier

Previlli™ helps you build a nice, thick layer of mucin on the inside of your GI tract, which shores up your intestinal barrier and helps good bacteria crowd out bad.*

Optimizes the surface of the gut

Previlli™ helps strengthen and optimize the hills, valleys, and folds of your gut surface area, which total 2,700 square feet — the size of a tennis court!*

Cultivates the lumen environment

Previlli™ shifts the balance of who lives in your lumen (the empty space inside your intestines) by feeding the good bacteria and starving the bad.*

Previlli™ Benefits

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.