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Previlli™ is the only gut health supplement available that addresses all three elements of a healthy gut biome: the who, the what, and the where.*

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build a better biome

If you’re interested in gut health, you’ve probably heard the term “microbiome.” Your microbiome is just the microbes living inside your gut. Your gut biome is the entire habitat of your gut. 

While the makeup of your microbiome is hugely important, it’s just one element of having a healthy gut biome.

Previlli is uniquely formulated to target all 3 elements of a healthy gut biome

The population: Who lives there? 

(The microbiome ecology)

A healthy gut biome has a balanced microbiome ecology. Balance is achieved in two ways. First, the microbiome ecology has high numbers of good bacteria, so they outnumber the bad. Second, the microbiome ecology has high diversity of good bacteria, so they deliver the benefits of multiple strains.

Previlli™ supports a healthy microbiome ecology with PreforPro® (a bacteria wrangler), our Fermented Superfood Infusion and lumen-enhancing polyphenols.

The resources: What do they eat?

(A healthy food source)

A healthy gut biome also has the kind of food that the good gut bacteria love to eat. The more healthy food they have, the more their numbers increase. What do good gut bacteria love to eat? Prebiotics!

Previlli™ provides a healthy food source for good bacteria with a variety of prebiotics, including polyphenols, PreticX™, and our Fermented Superfood Infusion.

The terrain: Where do they live? 

(The core gut architecture)

Finally, a healthy gut biome provides healthy terrain for good bacteria to thrive. That means having strong core gut architecture — the actual anatomy of the gut. Some of the core structures of the gut architecture include: 

• gut barrier

• gut mucin

• gut surface area 

• lumen environment

Previlli™ reinforces all four of these gut structures, with Immunell™ gut-building nucleotides, lumen-enhancing polyphenols (like mangiferin), advanced plant peptides, RhyoTrace™ proprietary, organic mineral complex and vitamin D.

build optimal gut health 

Previlli reinforces four key structures and functions of your gut*

1. Barrier Function

Previlli™ helps strengthen your gut barrier by supporting the tight junctions that keep it strong and healthy.*

Your body has a built-in barrier that lines the hollow organs making up your GI tract, like your esophagus, stomach, and intestines. It’s made of a layer of cells knit together with tight junctions. The job of your gut barrier is to make sure toxins, bacteria, and nutrients stay in your gut (where they belong) and out of your bloodstream (where they cause trouble).

2. Mucin Support

Previlli™ helps you build a nice, thick layer of mucin, helping good bacteria crowd out bad.*

Coating your gut barrier is a super-gooey carbohydrate called mucin. Both your small and large intestine have mucin, but in the large intestine, where most of the bacteria live, your body lays down a double layer for extra protection. Mucin is critical for gut bacterial balance. Bacteria — both good and bad — attach themselves to your intestinal lining on the mucin. The more good bacteria that hang on there, the less space for the bad.

3. Surface Area

Previlli™ provides nutritional support for the structures of your gut, helping optimize your gut surface area.*

Your gut, not your skin, has the most exposure to the outside world, because everything you eat or drink interacts with the extensive surface area of your gut. The folds and hills of your small intestine lining alone comprise approximately 2,700 square feet—the size of a tennis court! Called villi and microvilli, these tiny “trees” are responsible for absorbing nutrients from your food.

4. Lumen Environment

Previlli™ cultivates a healthy lumen environment, helping recondition and renovate your most neglected organ.*

Your lumen environment is the inner sanctum of your gut. It’s typically defined as the empty space inside your intestines, but it’s far from empty! In fact, your lumen environment is like a busy marketplace, where nutrients, bacteria, hormones, immune molecules, messengers, and a few troublemakers all mingle together, exchanging information and services. A healthy lumen environment feeds the good bacteria (they just love polyphenols and fiber!) and starves the bad.

why previlli?

Modern living may have stolen your gut health, but you can win it back. And faster than you think! Previlli™ starts working immediately. 

The best news is, the longer you take it, the better it gets. That’s because the longer Previlli’s science-backed ingredients stay in your system, the more the benefits to your gut — and your overall health — add up.*

PreticX™ is a trademark of AIDP, Inc.; PreforPro® is a trademark of Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Inc.; Immunell™ is a trademark of Nexira, Inc.