New gut. New you.

Previlli™ is a game changing science-based formula that focuses on the root cause of an unhappy gut: the structure of the gut itself.

Why Previlli

Sometimes the only difference between a good organism and a bad organism is where it lives, what it has to eat or who its friends are. Many people think of digestion as just inert, long tubes that stuff flows through—but in actuality, it is an amazing, complex, protective, absorptive, regenerative, multi-functional organ that plays a key role in nutrient absorption, metabolism, digestion, inflammation and immunity. 

Gut surface area exceeds that of the skin, making it the organ that is most connected to the outside world. It has more neurons than the spine; manufactures over 30 different neurotransmitters; and, facilitates 80% of the immune system. The microbiota that live there have 100 times your genetic potential and intervene in the metabolism of over 80% of all medications. Previlli™ supports healthy gut structure to help Build a Better Biome™ and optimize your gut health.

The Science Behind Previlli

Previlli™ is a different kind of supplement for optimal gastrointestinal health. You might be like many other health-conscious consumers who are starting to discover the amazing benefits of finally taking notice of our most underrated organ. 

 In fact, you may have already started taking a probiotic to supplement your microbiota, but may still be uncertain about which and how many strains you need to take? How much? What time of day is best? Should I take my probiotics with or without food? If you still have questions about your probiotic, don’t feel too badly, scientists are still studying many of these same questions. Even basic questions such as which are “bad” bacteria and which are “good” bacteria are still hotly debated.

All the new science on the microbiome has made us very aware of the fact that bacteria live in our gut. We are increasingly focused on the gut microbiota-- “who lives there” and how probiotics might influence them. We are just starting to learn about the living habits of both good and bad bacteria and figuring out “what they eat” and the importance of a good diet. But NO one is talking about the most important part of the microbiome, “where they live!” Our actual gut.

Previlli™ is designed to provide optimal nutrition and support to the structure and functions of the gut microbiome that help it do its amazing job, including housing our microbiota. Previlli™ helps you Build a Better Biome™.

For gut microbiota (“who lives there”) to coexist peacefully with us and to be good partners in our quest for great health, we need to have boundaries and balance. 

Boundaries are critical because the lining of the gut has so many important functions: nutrient absorption, toxin and waste elimination, immunity modulation and microbiota management. Managing our microbiota instead of letting it run wild down there is vitally important. Good bacteria are an important part of metabolism, immunity and other key functions, but only if they stay in designated areas. Having proper boundaries helps the good bacteria to thrive and keeps the microbiota in the gut from not running amok in other parts of our body. Previlli™ works at the level of the gut mucosa to reinforce and support the gut boundary to keep it in tip top shape. The gut is your gatekeeper to the rest of your body. It packages and imports the nutrients we need; monitors and messages back and forth with our microbiota; facilitates the clean-up and elimination of waste from all over the body; and, decodes and acts upon the hundreds of thousands of signals every second of every day. All this hard work means that the gut is in constant need of critical building blocks for maintenance, repair and nourishment. 

Balance is also an important component of a well-managed microbiota. Everyone has good and bad bacteria. The world we live in means that we can’t keep all bad things out of the food we eat, the air we breathe, and really, from being present on almost everything we touch. However, when the good bacteria outnumber the bad bacteria, they can help maintain a balance that keeps the “bad” bacteria in check, and even limits them in certain critical areas of the gut. Previlli™ helps to feed “good” bacteria and encourages their good behavior while making the gut environment a little bit less hospitable to the “bad” bacteria. 

Ready to build a better biome?