Beyond Probiotics

Why probiotics alone aren’t enough.

Probiotics have become the go-to supplement for gut health. That’s because they’re rumored to help repopulate your beneficial gut bacteria. But probiotics should be the last step in building a healthy gut. The first step is addressing the reason your gut bacteria is out of whack in the first place: poor gut architecture. That’s what Previlli™ does.

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A Completely New Approach to Gut Health

Previlli™ Builds Gut Architecture — Strengthening the Actual Anatomy of the Gut

Previlli™ helps optimize your gut health — but not in a way you’ve seen before. Instead of introducing beneficial bacteria to your system and hoping they’ll survive, Previlli™ fortifies your gut architecture — the scaffolding that absorbs nutrients, supports good bacteria, controls bad bacteria, manages immunity, and drives metabolism.* Because beneficial bacteria won’t thrive unless your gut architecture is healthy.

Previlli™ Benefits

Previlli™ Has Short-term, Long-term and Lifetime Benefits


Previlli™ works quickly to balance your digestive function, alleviating bloating, abdominal discomfort, and gas, while promoting daily regularity.*


Previlli™ slowly builds a healthy gut structure over time, allowing you to experience more energy, better immune resistance, and a happier mood.*


Taken over a lifetime, Previlli™ lays the foundation for healthy aging, supports optimal brain function, and promotes long-term health.*

How it Works

Previlli™ addresses 4 important structures and functions of the gut, promoting optimal gut health

Fortifies gut barrier function

Previlli™ helps ensure the tight junctions of the intestinal membrane work as designed, so microbiota, toxins and food stay where they’re supposed to.* 

Supports the protective mucin coating of the gut lining

Previlli™ helps you build a nice, thick layer of mucin on the inside of your GI tract, which shores up your intestinal barrier and helps good bacteria crowd out bad.*

Optimizes the surface of the gut

Previlli™ helps build your gut surface area, which is responsible for nutrient absorption.* The hills, valleys, and folds of your gut surface area total 2,700 square feet — the size of a tennis court!

Cultivates the lumen environment

Previlli™ shifts the balance of who lives in your lumen (the empty space inside your intestines) by feeding the good bacteria and starving the bad.*